Monday, July 20, 2009

Opening Ceremony was PHENOMENAL

I don't know what I can say about last night's opening ceremony! I was nearly brought to tears. The "puppets" created from the beautiful mind of Michael Curry were magical! At one point of the the horses came over to me and bent it's head down. I had to reach out and pet it! It was completely natural even though I knew it wasn't a real horse. I looked around at our attendees and they were mesmerized. Everyone I spoke to at the reception afterwards was absolutely blown away by the experience. The only one that had something bad to say was Niraj...because he has no idea how they are going to follow it next year!!

I know Kathy will take none of the credit, rightfully giving most of it to our fantastic volunteers. However, I've watched her over the last few days putting out fires and dealing with unexpected additions to this event and it WOULD NOT have happened as well as it did without her. BRAVA KATHY!

Here are some pics taken from my phone, better ones are coming but I just couldn't wait to share. My only regret is that not all of us got to see it. Perhaps when we get the professional video we can have a screening party in the office. Bring your tissues!!

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