Friday, June 19, 2009

44 Dress Code

I didn't have a copy of the dress code from last year, but I found it on gaia. In case others were wondering the same thing, here it is:

SCUP Annual Conference
Dress Code

Our standard conference working attire is business casual, with comfortable shoes being the most important consideration. Dressier business attire is appropriate for those who are leading meetings, roundtables, etc. with members and attendees.

During periods where you will be working registration or setting up, clean pressed khaki pants, tennis shoes, and a nice shirt may be worn. When choosing a shirt, please keep in mind that you are the face of scup and need to look professional. No T-shirts.

Set up on Thursday and Friday at the convention center can be more casual - shorts/capris are ok. Registration opens at 3pm on Friday, if working registration you may bring clothes to the convention center to change into.

Thanks to SCUP leadership for a dress code that focuses on comfort! Nothing better to keep us going than comfortable shoes!

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