Friday, June 19, 2009

SCUP Staff Rocks! Blog Back by Popular Demand

Hello all!

We have heard you loud and clear so the SCUP Staff Rocks! blog that was started last year is returning! Jennifer and I have agreed to work from both SCUP office (Portland and Ann Arbor) to keep the blog alive through SCUP-44. Since we had to limit the number of staff going to Portland due to the economy the blog will be even more important to stay connected with one another. I've agreed to post stuff that's happening in Portland and Jennifer has agreed to keep us posted on what's happening in Ann Arbor.

I look forward to sharing all the excitment, heartache, and exhaustion of SCUP-44 and can't wait to read posts on what's happening at home to keep me going through the long days!



Phyllis said...

It's coming up so fast! As always, I have no memory of what our staff room will be like, but I'm thinking no windows this year. Hmm....I'm going to head to Powell's and buy some scenery to post on the walls...what do say?

April Pichlik said...

How fun! Or maybe some posters of Portland scenery. I worked at a company that had offices in a basement, no windows. When you got hired they gave you a "window" to hang on your wall. Then we put posters in them so it looked like we had a view from our "window!" Fun times...not!